Releasing Longheld Grievances Into The Blinding Light of Love

Acrylic on Canvas, 2018

The images of the four figures, though radically transformed, also remain somewhat intact. Everybody has unspoken grievances, and usually it’s because it can be difficult to talk about the things that can lead to disagreements. The grievances are stored in the dark vessels along the bottom of the picture. The left-most figure happens to be the figure getting the most attention, and the grievances that are being aired mostly come from her. This figure is deemed by me to be a ‘she’; her focus is her immediate neighbour, who I deem to be her partner. The two figures on the right are relatives and also serve as support for the couple. As she is finally able to communicate her grievances, the darkness she had held inside dissipates into the yellow light as the understanding from her loved ones becomes evident. The grievances are dissolved into smaller effervescent particle globs that are surrounded by the yellow light of love that bubble upwards and eventually dissipate into the yellow light of understanding.

While the exact issue that formed the grievances is not terribly important to the piece, I invite viewers to come up with their own ideas about that. My only suggestion is that she may happen to be reaching the later stages of her childbearing years… As well, the ultimate result of airing her grievances is not exactly important to the piece, and again, I invite the viewers to envision the ultimate resolution. I suggest that important point of resolving her grievances is that she was heard, appreciated, and loved by the most important figures in her life.

While the painting is essentially about love and understanding, I am hoping that it is a visual treat with humour, warmth, and harmonious spirit with a presence of positivity.